Sunday, May 01, 2016

A Home for Big Blue

Remember about 10 years back when I started that Granny Square afghan for He Who Won't be Named??? Yeah, well, I almost forgot about it too. HE wanted a blue afghan. Just blue. I bloody well wasn't about to crochet a man-sized afghan in one color. How boring!! So, I got a couple of shades of blue & grey & crocheted a giant Granny Square. I should've started off with two Granny Squares so it would've been a rectangle but I didn't really think at the time .  .  .  . 
I can't quite remember exactly how BIG it is since it's buried in one of the bins, but I know it's gotta be at least 48" square at the moment. I always wanted to add a row of Cherry just to rebel against the plainness of it. Now I'm going to do just that. It needs finishing & it needs some brightness. And it's going to get some Red in the very next row 'cause I found it a worthy home. Finally.

One of my tax customers & his wife have suddenly parted ways. I was shocked to hear about it. After 30 years, everyone pointed at THEM as the couple with the most stable marriage. They survived her child, his child & their child's teen years with hardly a blink. Their lives were family centred & busy. And now they're not. They sold everything, paid the bills & he's camped out at a buddy's place 'till he finds an apartment. And he's taking donations like the black leather couch he just got. I thought Big Blue would look really, really fine on the back of a black leather couch  .   .   .   .

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