Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Down to the Wire

I DO love the Tax Season every year. It's really a Social Season for me. I get to catch up with all the folks I only see once or twice a year - especially the older folks - I get to see all the new baby pictures, meet the new pets, find out who's been in the hospital & who won a jackpot in Vegas. One widowed lady is turning into quite a world traveler since she finally retired in her 70s - she likes to take all the cruises that her husband hated & has been almost everywhere! One or two people have died, two couples are divorcing & one couple has a child who's doing a first return. It's always a surprise. But it's almost over & I'm just about able to get back to real life once more. Sigh .  .  .   Just one more weekend for last minute surprises .  .  .  . like the 'Christmas' cactus blooming it's little heart out in my office this week. What's with that???

I haven't really been knitting at all. I did start a single summer Frankensock in Pinks & Purples but haven't even progressed to the heel yet. I guess I've either been too busy pounding on the keyboard or the TV's more important to knitting than I thought. Maybe it's the chair or the light??  Maybe it's the atmosphere in the Office - paper fumes may drown out yarn fumes.

Maybe it's the new courses? I was so good on Sunday. I caught up & finished my latest week's homework on my 'Gut Check - Exploring your Microbiome' course. We're moving on to the most interesting stuff!!!! And I covered two weeks worth of the 'Paleontology: Therapod Dinosaurs & the Origin of Birds'. I love Dinosaurs & the University of Northern Alberta is the BEST. I have to say I'm really enjoying my courses even when I get a little bogged down with work. Exercising the old noodle, folks. It's GOOD for you. I even have the next three courses picked out already & even found one for my niece who has the 'farmlette' up the valley, 'Chicken Behavior & Welfare' from the University of Edinburgh.

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