Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's so Hard finding Green

I admit I watch a lot more TV than I used to when I was younger. I should say, now that I've buggered my knee & paralyzed a vocal chord, I spend more time at home watching TV. There, I've said it. It's pretty hard to be social when you can't participate in the 'social' part of gossip, debate & just plain schmoozing. But, I'm confessing to spending a lot of time with the Idiot Box here, not complaining about my life. TV & the knitting in front of, have become my usual evening occupation instead of Starbucks. And since my chatty neighbor moved out, I don't spend much time outside on the patio drinking wine or beer while I knit, neither. Oh how dull I've become. But, I do knit a lot.

Earlier this week, I discobooberated my remote TV device somehow. Yeah, somehow I killed the special decoder box & lost the cable with my handy dandy, little black phallic, entertainment device. The damn TV doesn't even come ON anymore. Nothing works without the stupid box thing. And knitting doesn't work in front of the computer. Funny thing though, I miss the knitting more than the TV.

So, if I can't knit, I guess I'll spin. My niece wants the next thingie to be GREEN, Forest Green. I don't have anything GREEN in my house unless you count the plants or the NEON Green & Pink rovings I spun up for my Stephen West 'COLORCRAVING' shawl/scarf. But, I still need GREEN. Forest damn Green. I've searched all the local shops on the computer. I've even called one or two. No Forest Green in anything we can afford locally. I really don't want to order something international - I only NEED 400 yards!! So, I guess I'll have to spin it. I still have a secret hoard of roving from the Sheep Shed grab bag I bought years ago - smooth as silk & practically spins itself. There's some light grey Romney roving bought at least 20 years ago that could be overdyed with green Kool-aid that might end up as Forest. And there's a ton of Coopworth - at least 8 pounds - bought years ago at the first big Fibre event in Vancouver that could also be dyed in green. Why can't I just find 100gms of Sock yarn in Forest - or a close imitation of - Green.

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