Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Call Me Crazy

My TV has given up the ghost & I've really got a lot more done since it did. The only problem is that most of what I've accomplished has been in front of a smaller screen - yeah, you guessed it. The computer screen. Mind you, it's Tax Time, aaaaand, there's a couple of old year-ends I have to clean up & finish as well, so it's not a bad thing in some ways .  .  .  .  BUT
It also means I have time to check out some of my favorite sites for more stuff  .   .   .   .

Not only am I working on a Coursera course called - 'Gut Check - Exploring your Microbiome' & learning about all the microbes that live in my gut that control my very thoughts & emotions but I fell down the rabbit hole & signed on for a second course - 'Paleontology: Therapod Dinosaurs & the Origin of Birds'.

I took the University of Northern Alberta's last dinosaur course - Dinosaurs 101- last fall & just loved it. Who doesn't love dinosaurs??? Our youngest member in the class was 8 years old - officially his mom registered but HE did the work & did well!! It was so much fun!!! THIS year, they've added new courses & I intend to take them all!! I may not be able to dig in the ground or hike the hills but I can vicariously enjoy the trek by others.

Knitting has suffered somewhat since most of mine has been done in front of the tube.  I'm sure I'll adapt in time since I'm so sick to death of the commercials I only tend to watch Public TV anyway. I just think about all the time that gets sucked into that 'black hole'. I think I'd rather spend the money on a comfortable lounger where I can snooze, read or listen to an audiobook & knit instead.

And, for those who care, I just downloaded my 9th LONGMIRE audiobook. Yeah, normally I'm into Murders, Mysteries, Thrillers & British Detectives, but this modern western series seems to roll it all into one  with a slow talking, small town Sheriff. Oh he comes with baggage both old & new, with a daughter, a loyal Indian friend from Viet Nam, a found dog named Dog and a temperamental, dirty talking, gorgeous, Italian deputy. Wahoooo

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