Thursday, April 07, 2016

I Just Don't Feel Like It, So There

You know you're getting old when you don't pick up your mail for a month & didn't even notice. Well, I did notice that I didn't get my KCTS monthly magazine but then remembered that I subscribed on-line instead. But I made the trek to the box & discovered TWO months worth of mail instead of just one. Well!
I know you're all shaking your heads at this admission but the box is in a UPS store, NOT on the side of the road like a Canada Post mailbox where anyone & their truck can take it out. The UPS store used to be in a quiet strip mall 19 years ago when I first got it & has now become the middle of a huge shopping area. If you don't go there first thing in the morning, you can't get parking close by. And my knee doesn't do hills very well, especially in the morning. So, you see my problem. And I hate the malls. It wouldn't be so bad if someone would would open a yarn shop close to the Dollar Store in the same parking lot but, I guess you can't have everything.

Haven't started my new project for Lara yet - I want some nice soft yarn in a solid color - she asked for green. I have sock yarns, but none of them are green. And all my sock yarns are wildly colored. She wants plain green. One option I have is to just SPIN the yarn &  dye it green. Another is to spin some painted roving in greens. Green is not a normal color in my house unless you're talking about plants - I'm the Purple & Hot Pink Queen. Green is slightly foreign to me. Although, my crafty friend Gail was wearing a handspun, garter knit L'Envelope last evening at our knitting group in GREEN that was quite lovely. And I have to find some green.

Same Song, One More Time - I am working on yet another Kroy 4ply pair of winter socks for Moi. This will make three pairs in the same color when I'm done. What the hell. It's warm, it's soft, I love the feel, it's bright & it was free or just about .   .   .   .  

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