Friday, April 01, 2016

April Fool's Day

I was gonna do something silly for April Fool's Day but the sun was out, the sky was blue & I could hear the grass growing so I headed to the Drive-Thru for an early morning paper & coffee instead. It was just too nice out there!! Summer has come to the Wet Coast early again this year. Since our weather runs in cycles, this year should be another warm, dry one but not the dehydrating scorcher of last year. We should be gradually tapering off to a totally wet, sunless year in about 9 years  .   .   .   .

So, with the weather in mind, I've chosen another weird & funky little project with my niece in mind. I joined the Mystery Knit Along back in  2013 but never got the project off the ground - I have no idea why. I ran across it in my Ravelry Library the other day & wondered what the heck it was. No pictures, just the clues. So I looked it up & downloaded the final draft of the project. It's called
Levnadslust by Yarn-Madness. It's a little lace summer cover-up made with fingering yarn on larger needles that is stretched & blocked into it's final shape. Fingering or sport weight yarn is suggested for this project & the medium only takes 400 yds to complete. 400 YARDS!  It can be worn with the open side in front or turned around & worn with the open side in the back to give you just a little bit of extra warmth over your summer dress, tee or bathing suit. It might even work over a sports bra as a cover-up on the way home from jogging or working out.
Yarn-Madness has a host of other little treasures on Ravelry that deserve a second look!

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