Sunday, June 12, 2016

Coffee with my Socks

I've been spending a lot of time in Whalley coffee shops lately. The funny thing is that many of them are places I normally wouldn't go. Whalley, just down the road from me, has never had a good reputation & has become a haven for thieves, beggars & homeless since rapid transit came to our part of the world. Transit is still not great unless you live close to the Train, but it has really fueled the explosive growth in Surrey. Whalley downtown has become a sea of traffic lights, construction barricades & limited or no parking zones. Access is often difficult when you have a bad knee. So what's a knitter to do??? Why, check out the Starbucks kiosk at Safeway. That's what.

I've had to meet three different people in Whalley this week & found it was really, really easy to do in the Safeway. Surprise, surprise. But Safeway has a nice little Starbucks with trays of free goodies. There was a large eating area with plenty of chairs & tables to spread out at. And lots of deli sandwiches, Sushi rolls, raw veggies & fruit trays ready made by the Deli. I sat very comfortably in a corner & worked on my Summer Socks while I met two different people in one day. Security keeps the beggars away & tries to banish the thieves so it's safer than Starbucks. And the parking lot is a whole lot easier to get in & out of, too. Woohoo - I just might make it my new office!!!  So around 4:00, I bought a cold chicken, a bag of coleslaw & took my iced coffee home. Tough day at the Office.

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