Sunday, June 26, 2016


I did a little tidying in & around the old blog - nothing annoys me more than dead or old links that never get updated!! And here I was with several on my very own site. It was a bit of a learning curve since I haven't done anything to the 'bones' of the blog in yonks a very long time so it took a whole evening several hours to fix but I'm glad I did. I've found a couple of better links, eliminated some dead ones & added some new ones that I enjoy.

Two new pairs of Summer Frankensocks are now in my sock bin!! I had nothing in Pink!!! Since I love Purple & Pink, I was shocked to discover I had no light weight summer socks at all in either color - the closest I could come was a pair of grey & white socks with pink spots here & there. So my mission last month was to knit two pairs of light weight Pink Frankensocks for me. Mission Accomplished.

Seems I forgot to take a picture of the second pair after I finished the toe on the second sock & BEFORE I tossed it into the sink to soak - oops. I tried to make the cuff to heel more or less similar & then went wild from the heel to the toe. I wanted them to be Fraternal not Identical socks. And I still have one more pair to make, in Pinks, for the mouthy 20-something male grill cook in my favorite cafe.

I also had a new project in mind & even went & down-loaded  the pattern for it!!!  I thought I saw heavier yarn than I actually saw & didn't double-check to see what it really called for. So here I am casting on only to find that I have DK weight yarn & not the fingering the pattern actually calls for - well dammit all anyway!! It did NOT look like it was made out of fingering. And here I sit with all this lovely, luxurious alpaca/wool in odd balls for my project which is  definitely NOT fingering .  .  .  .   I wonder what would happen if I just went up a needle size or two & used it anyway????

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