Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Sock Days of Summer

My New Summer Sock
It was so hot yesterday that I contemplated cranking up the air-con in my car. Normally I don't bother unless stuck in a traffic jam with no hope of release. Why?? Because the damn thing makes me sneeze, wheeze & snuffle. I've had all the filters changed & the system cleaned & it still bothers me. My Mother's new car bothered me. My buddy's old crappy van bothers me. And, let's face it, it gobbles fuel like crazy!! I don't have that kind of money. So I open the windows that open - it's amazing that most of them don't!!! - and I just get on with it.
I've been running the Ex around again while his car gets some new parts. I had to pick up the parts, the Ex & drop them off at different times - BAH. Normally, I'd sit out the heat in my cold basement & covered patio. There's just something wonderful about my cave in this heat that makes me stay home & enjoy it!!! I admit I DO make little forays through Mcdonald's drive thru for iced coffee though.

I shoved the old office chair on wheels outside this year - it moves when you climb into it so a certain someone can't use it as a step-stool & unscrew my porch light when I don't turn it off when she thinks I should - & managed to get the NEW chair into my office. I can now sit outside again & enjoy my plants. Somehow some of them survived the last two years while I felt sorry for myself, so this year I thought I should top up the soil, feed them a little fertilizer & nurture them a little. I thought I might spend my time outside listening to them grow while I spin the Tour de Fleece this year too.

Since there's no rest for the wicked, I'm still in the office doing Tax Returns - yes, some people still haven't filed!! And some of them haven't filed for YEARS. There's also the usual data entry etc . Gotta pay the bills even when you're retired apparently!!!
But I've taken up the needles to knit more socks again. I'm determined to use up all the leftover yarn that's cluttering up the place before I buy any new yarn - unless it's my old love, Kroy 4 ply, of course. And just to show that I have been working on the project - here's the first pair of FrankenSocks.  And I've already cast-on for a second pair - above. These are the regular 3ply standard sock yarn which is much lighter & shorter than my favorite winter Kroy. This pair & the ones now on my needles are for me because I don't have anything PINK in my summer sock wardrobe. The next will go to the Boys at the cafe, so I'll be busy!!

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