Saturday, June 18, 2016

Out of the Blue

Funny thing happened the other day, I've been working my way through a bunch of old files in the "Someday" bin in my office when I came upon a project that needs to be finished ASAP. I hadn't forgotten about it really, it just sort of went into the 'may never get paid' pile. For whatever reason, these people can't/don't pay the whole amount or need to trade services. It would be nice if I could get car repairs or chickens or salmon but most of the time I get stuff I don't need. Quite often, I do the minimum to get them by - when I have the time. And while I would prefer to be knitting, it was time to get this one off my desk. And a couple of hours later, the owner of the paperwork called & asked me to drop by for a chat. Turned out he had a check for me that paid off his whole outstanding amount from several years back. He had had a little windfall & decided to pay off his bills. Holy Crap. Out of the Blue. His ears must've been burning .  .  .

So what will I do with MY windfall??? Well, I called up a pal who's going through the same poverty that being "too old & beat up to get a full time job but too young to get a full pension" thing that I just survived & asked him how it was going. He told me with a laugh that he was trying to figure out whether to pay the electric bill or the phone bill this month but was otherwise okay. So I took him out for coffee & paid both bills for him. After all, he brought me groceries when I had no money. And then I took my Ex out for lunch. Monday, the car will get an oil change, new belts & new filters. And I may get some new undies. Woohoo


Louisa said...

You might be short of cash, Sharon, but you are definitely rich in kindness! About time some good karma came your way. Hugs!

deray toyyy said...
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