Monday, October 31, 2016

And the Time Just Speeds Away

I meant to check into the blog & report on things  sooner but I tell  ya, the days & weeks are really speeding by. I have no idea where the time goes these days, but it sure hasn't been very productive. But I have accomplished some things.

I had this itchy, black spot between my shoulder blades that I kept on scratching. It got to the point where I was using anything long to scratch my back, including the office scissors!! My freckles are usually pale greenish brown not black, so I figured I was growing a melanoma -  Gah!! Well, the Doc thinks it's only a sebaceous cyst but it will be removed, just to make sure, whew.

And - after several years of having no money & making do - I made it to the Optometrist and have new glasses on order!!! My Driving glasses will be hot pink & I'm able to reuse my Purple frames for the bifocals for reading & watching TV. I won't mention how much they cost. It's horrifying. I have a massive correction .  .  .  .  Maybe, just maybe, I'll actually be able to see to drive after dark!

I have reached the toe shaping on the second of my Scrappy Socks that I'm trading for Tillamook Old cheese.
I've enjoyed making these socks which are made with two or three strands of different balls of yarn. The yarn changes every row so it's a nice way to use up all those single balls of sock yarn in the bin. I've found that it's not a good method for short balls or bits & leftovers - too many ends to weave in - but it's great for whole single balls or half balls but works best with a light & a dark yarn.


Louisa said...

Yay for new glasses! My progressives cost about $700 so I can't justify buying a new pair until the old pair wears out. About every 2 years give or take. I envy people with single vision who can have many pairs to go with different outfits.

Yum, Tillamook! Best cheddar ever.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Yeah, me too. I wish for single vision glasses!!! Progressives just don't work for me - I need to use the reading glasses for the computer & the distance for driving - Progressives work for watching TV & knitting but not the computer. In the end, I actually need three pairs but can only afford two.