Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nothin but a Crab Ass

Yeah, that's me, the Crab Ass. All this rain, wind & damp has made my basement cold & clammy which has made my joints all ache & burn. And to go from too hot to too wet & cold in a couple of weeks - AND add the poisonous American election jacking of the media waves to the mix - it's . . it's . . . well, it's . . . . unreasonable. And unseasonable. Where's the gorgeous Fall weather we usually have this time of year??? Where are all the new shows to knit to???? The rains don't usually fall till Hallowe'en in this part of the world, fer gosh sake. So I'm crabby.

I've also been chipping away at my new sweaters -  yeah, sweaters, plural!! I still have both on the go as well as a pair of socks on the needles for a man with swollen ankles. He's offered to trade Tillamook OLD cheese for scrap socks. Yeah, I still have to knit
every stitch but I'm using up all the blue leftovers so it isn't costing me anything but waiting time - this is car knitting. I'm using the Spiral Sock method from Cabin Fever - I made several pairs of Pink socks this past summer the very same way.
No photos of the sweaters - they're in bags beside my chair in front of the tube all scrunched on short cords for knitting the main part of the body. My V-neck Cardi from Cabin Fever is halfway down the body - still thinking about knitting that lace skirt on the bottom for fun. And the Knitted Sweatshirt is about 3 inches below the armhole & still getting extra bust increases that I learned from Cabin Fever!! I am knitting that side panel from under the arm to the hem in garter stitch which will be split & finished in garter as well.

The damn Tree Rats are burying nuts in my plants again!!! I've been making sure the soil in their pots is damp so the squirrels stay out of them but someone's taken a big chunk out of the main Jade Plant stalk when digging a hole in the nice clean dirt!!! One year, I found a whole Hershey bar buried in my hanging Rock Plants!!! It must've been a hellova job hauling that thing into the yard & up the stairs to the hanging basket to bury it too. I wouldn't mind so much if they used the outdoor plant pots & bins but NOT my indoor darlings who are vacationing outside!! At least the Spider plants are loving this weather. They're waaay bigger in person than they appear in this picture!!! They've got branches shooting out all over with babies on the ends which may be big enough to save for next year. Maybe they'll survive outside if the weather stays mild & I cover them this winter because I sure don't have room for them indoors.

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Louisa said...

A whole Hershey bar - that would be hilarious if it wasn't so annoying! All I find are my own walnuts and hazelnuts buried in my pots. And now they've started stealing the chestnuts too which they used to leave alone. Prickly! (We have enough trouble getting any what with the human rats helping themselves.) I hates those tree rats! They are definitely not cute.