Monday, October 31, 2016

Fireworks are Banned in Surrey

Diwali started yesterday. I guess there were big celebrations at all of the Sikh & Hindu temples with a big parade in Vancouver to the main temple on Ross street. Surrey's parade will be next weekend. I've always wondered why there's TWO Diwali parades but no one can tell me - not even the people celebrating. But Diwali calls for lots of food - sweets especially - and lots of fireworks. I'm beginning to think fireworks have become popular across all cultures!!
I live in a neighborhood where the majority of residents are Sikh & Hindu and most seem to celebrate with fireworks. Last night, there was a major bombardment from all sides from right after dinner to about 9:00. One of the neighbors must've invested in a huge amount in Roman candles!! Glorious colored balls of light lit up the overcast skies for almost an hour!!!

And in a couple of hours, we start on Hallowe'en. I wonder what the neighbors saved for tonight????  And for those who like to stay IN for a Treat, here's a couple for you to knit. 

 - My Vampire Boyfriend Sock  by Kate Atherley
 - Revenge of the Mummies Sock by Janine Le Crais
 - Black Widow Spider Sock by Janine Le Crais


Louisa said...

Oh right! That's why we've had an extra helping of fireworks lately though we don't have as many South Asians in our neighbourhood as you do. Yay for multiculturalism!

Sharon in Surrey said...

To heck with the fireworks - it's the FOOD that I love!!!