Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Just a Little Rain

Sunday's snow turned into Monday's rain. And, wow, did it rain here!!! The wind came up, the rain poured down & the new snow that we got on Sunday turned to slush on Monday. Just after dark, there was this huge BANG outside where half a roof of snow came crashing to the ground!!! As of Sunday lunch, there was 13" on the ground in the yard so it was a hellova pile that slid off the roof, onto the fence next door. Oooops.

In the meantime, I've been working on the new Dirty kid Wallaby. I had this huge ball of yarn in Royal & plan on using Red for most of the yoke with Green or Yellow - whatever I can round up in the same weight. This is the hoodie I knit last time & the younger boy grabbed it before his brother got home from school. So I made a larger one in Black, Red & Yellow for the older boy ASAP because the fight was ON. And then that damn kid went on a growth spurt & grew right out of his hoodie. This time around, he's not quite a size 6 so I'm making an 8. That should do him until summer!!! And, I won't have to knit one for his brother who is now wearing both of last spring's hoodies.

I frogged most of MY hoodie. Frogged it back to the crossover yoke, that is. I added on too many stitches under the arms because I was afraid of making it too small in the bust. I keep forgetting that my H cup no longer overflows as it once did. Although I'm not small by any measure, my measurement has dropped a couple of cup sizes & I think it's bulked up more by back fat than boobage, these days. So I've gone from worrying about the bust measurement to adjusting for belly. And I'm not even sure I need short rows in the bust anymore. So, back to the measuring tape, pencil & paper. And then pick up those stitches once more .  .  .

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