Sunday, December 18, 2016

Well, Looky Here

Blogger has let me in at last!! I haven't been able to get in for a few days. Don't know why, it never gives any reason or explanation. Not that my life's all that exciting but it's nice to record some events.

As anyone local knows, we've been having an uncharacteristic cold snap in the Lower Mainland. And it's damned cold out there!! My favorite bad boy dug out the bottom of my drive Friday so I could get back into my drive if I felt like going out into the world. My snow tires are very good for getting me into places but not so good to back me up a hill in 9" of the stuff since I have 'All Seasons' on the back. I don't generally have to worry much about it except that I have a hump at the bottom of my drive & an icy alley to back out of so if there's a lot of snow, I can't get back IN once I get OUT. Yesterday, I got OUT, went for lunch, bought some goodies like fresh bread & salmon cream cheese & then came home & backed as sweet as you please, right up into the drive. I wish getting around in the Safeway parking lot was as easy. The store was crawling with slow moving Greyhairs!! I think every Senior in town was out there shopping yesterday.

Union Suit
I tell ya, I sure don't have the clothing for this kind of weather. I suspect a lot of us don't since we rarely have to use it. A Cowichan sweater is made for this weather but sadly, I no longer have one. And I'm sure that by the time I make one, the cold snap will be over for another decade. I did knit a warm hat to pull over my ears but that didn't help a whole lot - I needed a wool Unionsuit just to inch across the icy parking lot.

Yesterday, I downloaded a nice little cowl pattern called SHILOH. It not only covers the neck but comes down over the shoulders as well & finishes with a double or single fringe. It can be knit in chunky or worsted yarn & has a simple textured pattern to it. My crazy niece, the bee-keeper, would love it in the mossy green shown in the picture. And I think I'd also like one in some of that wild blue/purple cascade 220 I bought on sale eons ago.
Well, they weren't kidding about more snow in the forecast. There's been a break in the snow - well, it's coming down so fine that you can barely see it - but it looks like there's just a hair under 4 inches out there again. I think that makes 13 inches to wade through on the way to the garbage bins. Sigh.

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