Saturday, December 10, 2016

Winter Is In the Building

I'll bet the Tire shops are busy this week because Winter has arrived on the Wet Coast in the form of fat snow flakes. This is very unusual for us in Lotus Land. Some of us wear shorts all winter long & most of us with cars don't even own winter clothing unless we drive to the mountains. So snow, before February, that lingers, is a bit of a shock.

I finally brought in the houseplants from the patio - in December. I didn't think the Jade plant would be happy in the snow. He sure looked happy out there as long as it stayed above zero but I thought I'd better bring him in before he froze out there. The Spider got so big that I have nowhere to put it but I'll clip the babies for next year!! The Crab & Christmas cacti are already indoors blooming their little hearts out & everyone else stays outside for the winter.

Saturday, I prepared for snow. Put the latest check in the bank. Bought milk, fruit, veggies, bread & a big bag of JuJubes. Already had my snow tires put back on last Wednesday - to the amusement of all the men I know who said my 'All Seasons' would be just fine. Filled up the gas tank. And settled in with several knitting projects & a few good audio books for the duration. This is the time of year I enjoy being Retired/Self Employed. No more 6 hour commutes from hell for me!!! I'm on permanent Snow Day.

Tuesday, I couldn't stand it anymore, I dug & chipped myself out & went for lunch at my favorite truck stop cafe.

Friday, bright & early in the falling snow, I decided I wanted fish dumplings & BBQ pork & busted out once more. It was a ghost town out there!!! Everyone took a Snow Day. I was quite surprised at NEWS-radio telling people to carry blankets & shovels in case they got stranded since it might be hours before they got rescued. WOW. Doesn't EVERYONE carry emergency equipment???? I've always had space blankets, plastic ponchos, tarps, a fleece blanket & a folding shovel in the car.
Found my fish balls & BBQ pork waiting for me at Hen Long. I love that store!! Bought noodles, chicken & shrimp buns, Pho soup base, mangoes & broccoli. Let it snow!!! I'm safe inside with lots of goodies to eat!!

So, it's Saturday morning & it looks like another 4" of snow fell since I broke out of the drive yesterday. This is getting mildly alarming. Good thing the fridge is full, the cupboards are groaning, the bills are paid & the internet is connected because I may be trapped in the alley till spring .  .  .  . 

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