Tuesday, December 27, 2016

One More Christmas

I survived another Holiday by staying up till the wee hours on Christmas eve watching the Dr Pol marathon - I do love the Vet shows on TV - with knitting in hand & munching on Wheat Thins & Hummus. I'm trying my best to eliminate CHIPS from my diet by buying toasted Pita chips & popped or baked Wheat Thins. It works, most of the time. And Wheat thins & hummus really fill you up while chips do not. I'm very fond of a 'dippy' supper of raw veggies & hummus too but this time of year calls for soup to warm you up. And lately, I've been making a lot of 'brothy' soups with fish balls & chopped veggies. Soup that can be eaten out of a big soup mug so there's no dishes to wash except a mug & spoon!!

Did not get out to eat breakfast or dinner on Christmas since my gut decided to rebel. You know the routine, the gut starts rumbling & mumbling with the occasional painful gassy spasm. You don't know which end will suddenly explode like a volcano. I just drank as much weak tea as I could & slept. I've had occasional bouts of this ever since that last mega antibiotic before surgery last year. Yeah, I could take a bunch of drugs but the best thing is to stop eating solids, drink clear fluids, eat yogurt & let it heal itself. I help with a couple of capsules of live culture Acidophilus too. But, this is my reminder that I've been eating too much wheat - a problem I never had until that last antibiotic made me so sick.

On the needles - just working another scrappy Blue sock - the heel is turned & I'm about
halfway down the foot at the moment. I took this picture by the outdoor light coming thru the open door so the colors aren't as bright as they should be. But, there's lots of blues & greys in this sock so far. I find it impossible to sit in front of the tube without knitting something!!
And I'm picking up the front pouch on the Wonderful Wallaby for the Dirty Face kid. I think I have enough Royal Blue to get to the armhole & make both arms to the armhole. If not, the arms will be Red & the body Blue - they will see him coming, that's for sure.

Good Grief - the neighbor across the alley is washing his driveway with water!!! It's 3:00 PM. His female relations had been out there after lunch trying to scrape the last of the Christmas snow off the drive but I guess it was still frozen. Now he's dumping gallon jugs of water on the drive & pushing the water to the side. Oh, I can't wait until morning .   .   .   .

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bjwalsh said...

Hoping your tummy feels better in the New Year... I recently experienced a bug and have to be carefull with what I eat too. Which means I also have frequently been eating broth and miso soups, good thing I like them.
Found your blog when I was working on an adult Tom Ten Jacket, been enjoying the scrappy socks. Thanks for sharing!