Friday, January 05, 2007

Another Winter Surprise

The Cat has to be first out the door in the morning. She's still looking for the Door into Summer and was NOT a happy camper this morning. She demanded I open the door this morning but shifted into reverse very quickly & backed between my legs in her haste to get back to her warm spot. I, on the other hand, had to get out of the warm spot, go out, get cold, brush off the snow & drive to meet someone across town. Cats are definitely smarter than us.

I was rooting thru the bags of stuff I have piled up in a very large wicker basket & came across a few yards of fluff I got from my hairdresser. You know the cottony stuff they put around your hairline before a perm or color??? It looks like cotton balls by the yard??? Its actually a polyester/cotton blend - mostly poly I think - & I wondered if I could spin it. So I got a sample & finally spun it up on New Years Day as I watched the Holmes on Homes marathon. It was interesting. It spun inchworm style in a thick & thin yarn for a bit, then into a lovely smooth yarn before going back to lumpy & bumpy. I haven't set the spin, knit a sample or dyed it yet but it does feel lovely. I'm thinking about checking out the hairdresser price of this stuff . . . .

I also spun up a 100 gm bag of Hybiscus merino from Aurelia fibres. I took it to Show & Tell when it was still damp but Gail counted the yards & there was 420 in sock weight yarn. She suggested I knit a shawlette on big needles since its in that wonderful shade of blued pink that suits me so well. Now to find a pattern!

I treated myself to a bag of sock yarn from ELANN. I wanted some 'manly' colors & this was just too good a deal to pass up. I got 12 balls of self patterning yarn - reminds me of Confetti - for just under $50 - including tax & shipping!! I've already cast on the first of many pairs to come this year!! I promised to knit some for the Red Cross Loan Cupboard last year but didn't have time so they're first on the list this year. The Red Cross sells handmade stuff & uses the money for equipment which they loan out. Walkers are the most requested item.

The Indian Sweater is complete & is being worn as I type. I picked up stitches around the neck & knit a hood to top it off. The recipient had pneumonia over the holidays - AGAIN, so she was very happy to have a really warm sweater. I may have to make a couple of vests for two others now but they're a lot quicker to make! Since I hate sewing things together, I knit it all in one piece but that makes it really heavy! Knitting the sleeves in the round on an already heavy sweater is REALLY heavy going!! But, other than crocheting in the occasional end, there's NO FINISHING!! And I hate finishing.

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