Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The days just flash by . . . .

I can't believe its been almost two weeks since I wrote anything!!! Of course I finished the first pair of socks of the year fairly quickly but the BT put them on before I could get a pic!!! I'll remedy that later. Socks #2 are more than halfway done - I found a ball of blue, green & grey mottled yarn & decided to knit it up as far as it would go & then add something on for the remainder of the foot & toe. You know how much I like contrasting toes!!! And the yarn for Socks #3 is already chosen. I think #2 will go into the 'Red Cross' donation box.

I've got some ideas for some Frankensocks which also might go into the 'donation' box - hopefully, they'll be acceptable to the general public!!

I've also been knitting up some of my handspun dye experiment yarns into 8" squares. Most of the colors don't go together but I think they'd be okay if they were joined together with a black border - I'm thinking of crocheting them together into an afghan. Some of the squares are spun from Koolaid dye experiments, some are from a purple, beige & turquoise topknot I bought from Aurelia at last year's FibreFest & some are from splotch dyed yarns from my first acid dyes. So, the colors are all over the spectrum from purple to oranges to hot pinks & greens. I think they'd make a great 'granny square' type afghan as long as I use a one color border to join them. What else do you make with your "first" experiments????

More progress on the Arvik fleece
- Two more fat, fluffy skeins - I've lost count of how many I actually have in the BIG basket!!! I'm beginning to think I should start knitting soon since I may even have enough yarn already spun for the basic sweater I have in mind. I found a sweater - actually a pullover but easy to make into a cardigan - that's made up of strips of knitting. The strips can be made as narrow or wide as desired. They can be knit in lace patterns, made like a sampler in squares or alternated in plain & garter if desired. The strips can be made as long or short as desired too. My kind of sweater in some ways because it can be knit in small sections - easy on the sore hands & portable!! But then, it has to be sewed together!! Sewing things together is not always my strong point!!
And, of course, I have the simple garter stitch sweater knit in three pieces that I found. Soooooo many sweaters, sooooo little time . . . . .

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