Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm sitting here on Monday morning sending out faxed estimates & peering bleerily out the window - I'm bleery because this is MY Saturday. But I still have to work - it's TAX SEASON - usually a time of celebration for such as I. The deep Mysteries of Taxation leave most people terrified to their bones. Not me. I look upon it as a challenge. Me against the Taxman. I intend to squeeze every last nickel of refund out of HIM. So there!!!

I gave my Olympic Smoldering Hearts socks away last week. My knitting friend Karen was an
oyed with me for doing so. I know I worked hard on them but it isn't like I NEED another pair of socks! I mean, here's a pic of the line of socks on laundry day - & this didn't even empty the sock basket!! These are only the WINTER socks too . . . I need to start knitting something else for a change, I guess. Maybe I should finish a sweater or two for myself instead of constantly knitting a new pair of socks - LOL!!

Speaking of sweaters, I still have one in the car that I'm working on - the purple Marble Top-Down cardigan. Funny how your mind works. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, thinking about that sweater. Don't laugh, but I was wondering if some pears were in the same bag with it. I bought a couple of pears that needed to sit & ripen. I've lost them. I hope they aren't rotting in the bag under the Marble sweater . . . . and I'm almost afraid to look!

So Spring has sprung - my rhubarb is almost big enough to eat!!! The Hostas are not only up but are unfurling leaves! The Clematis is sending up new shoots - I chopped them back to the ground since they'd become so spindly & gave them a shot of fish fertilizer. And my baby Pink Lady apple tree is busting out all over. I want to get dirt, plant seeds, move pots & put up new lattices around my patio. And I really want to drag out the spinning wheel, a big bag of Shetland fleece or Brown Sheep mill ends & spend the day spinning yarn! I want to see Great Big Fluffy Skeins hanging to dry in the breeze . . .

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