Monday, March 29, 2010

Clearing Away Cobwebs

And wasn't that a hellova storm last nite??? I got out of bed around 3AM & moved a couple of my outside plants that were sitting on bricks about a foot in the air so they wouldn't get blasted across the drive!! I even closed the window - which is amazing since it's open all year round - but the constant smacking of the aluminum blinds drove me crazy!!! Too bad the wind didn't blow all those rain clouds away with it - some sun would be nice out there!! I want to get my fingers in the dirt, put up some more lattice, fill some of my hanging baskets & sit & spin outside on the patio!!!

I know it's tax season - you should see my desk!!! But, it must be spring - I also want to clear the unloved furniture out of my living room & get my stash organized. I need to know what I have in all those bags, boxes, bins & baskets.
I intend to fill the corner where the couch is now with a stack of giant bins. I got a good deal on the really BIG ones. Since I tend to be a Visual person - which is short for 'if I can't SEE it, I don't know I have it', I buy stuff, throw it in the bin, forget I have it & buy another . . . People think I work in chaos - I have my stuff OUT where I can SEE it.

I should have transparent bins but I they're too expensive so I got the BIG green ones for the bulk stuff & bought small see-thru ones for the stuff I need every day, sock yarns or Current Projects. I just want to de-clutter my life somewhat.

The truth is, I want His crappy old couch, that I never wanted in the first place, to go away. I found a home for the microwave cabinet that HE was supposed to take years ago & the rocking chair I bought on a whim, that doesn't even have enough room to rock in my place. Once all this is OUT, I'll fill the bins, stack them in the couch corner - and make room for a nice lounger or recliner in which I can sit or nap or knit. Sounds like a Plan, eh???
I won't even tell you about the 'Walk Off The Pounds' CDs which I can't use because I have no room to move side to side never mind back & forth . . . .

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