Saturday, April 03, 2010

I hate plastic grocery bags! I liked them when they were made of sterner stuff with solid bottoms & good handles, at least you could use them for garbage or weekly lunches or something. Now they're so thin the cans fall thru the bottom before you get them into the car, never mind the house! I've recycled. I've returned those bags & bought the new, improved, re-usable bags. They also fall apart and the seams split after a few uses - especially when washed. You can't bleach them when meat juices contaminate them & you never have enough of them when you need them. Some stores have banned plastic & gone back to paper. Didn't we go to plastic to save trees????

I bit the bullet & decided to make my own. I could sew them out of rip-stop nylon but I've collected several patterns for knitted cotton market bags. KNITTY has published several patterns, Lion Brand has the Green Tote & I've seen one or two in KNITTERS & INKnitting as well.
I'd like to knit them out of hemp - I hear it lasts forever but with MY budget in mind, cheap Crafter's Cotton, is more likely. And I need another project like a hole in the head!!

The Ex's socks are done! Finished sewing the last toe last nite. I'll meet him for breakfast on Tuesday & give them to him. He's really been feeling this damp cold lately so the new socks are an experiment to see if warmer feet will help. If he's happy, I guess I'll be knitting socks for him for a change.

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