Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a Weekend

It was my birthday last Friday & I stopped in the middle of tax season to go to the Desert Mesa Spring Retreat with my buddy Karen & our spinning wheels. My Ex paid for the Retreat for my birthday & I decided I would drive since my van is bigger than Karen's car. I should've known something was up this year when we found gas, just up the road from Karen's place, almost 15 cents a litre cheaper than at my place! I missed the turn-off for the Fraser Canyon going North & ended up on the Coquahala freeway heading East. We decided we were in no hurry so we just kept on going - we could go North at the next town & then turn left. We're just on the other side of the triangle, that's all!!! And I discovered my van really likes going 115 km per hour. We had a lovely lunch sitting on the curb at the old Toll Booth. There was snow on the left, trees on the right & birds singing their little hearts out as we snarfed salmon sandwiches & drank tea in the sunshine. It was a glorious day!

We got back in the van & he
aded out to Kamloops. Along the way, we saw the Logan Lake turnoff - now, since Logan Lake is at the top of the mountain between where we were & where we wanted to go, we thought, WHY NOT?? Neither of us had BEEN to Logan Lake - a lake with fish & a golf course supposedly in the middle of town, now a retirement village. The road was good, we weren't doing 115kms but 90 kms is still respectable - right??? So we headed West. Across the top of the mountain. And found a huge open pit copper mine. With terraced mountains - a definite Egyptian influence there. The Tailings pond horrified me but, they ARE reclaiming the area as they go & how else can we get the copper we need?? I suspect mining is always horrifying in some aspects . . . The road down the mountain was a little terrifying in one or two spots but we made it. And only a half hour later than expected - whew!

I arrived t
o find I had a private room! It was wonderful. The bed killed my back as usual but I had no one to disturb when I got up all night & the rest of the weekend was fabulous. Instead of door prizes, the organizers decided to raffle off one huge basket of goodies! It had everything from soup to nuts, including TWO gift certificates, for the spinner. And guess who won the big Kahuna prize?? Me.

Just some of the goodies in the basket.

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Denise said...

Wow what a wonderful day!