Monday, April 26, 2010

There's just not enough hours in a Day

And what have I been doing since the big spinning weekend??? Why, making up for lost time!!

But I took the time to sit outside a for a couple of evenings & just relax with the old Indian spinner even though I should've been working on tax stuff.

I still have a big basket of egg shaped, Brown Sheep mill ends that produce this wonderful, elastic, slightly spongy yarn. I want to spin it all up & then dye it in one batch. If I don't spend a half hour every day spinning, it will never get done. So I've pledged to spend at least a half hour every evening except for Wednesdays - Knit Night - spinning! I have Mother McKenzie's dye kit still in the original wrapper just waiting to be used. And I'm bouncing between the red kimono on the cover of the Knitted Kimono book & a neat graphic shrug in one of the Knitter's magazines. The Shrug is fairly long with three- quarter sleeves which would make a terrific work sweater - I want the warmth without the fronts getting in the way!! But that red kimono draws me . . . .

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