Monday, April 12, 2010

You CAN Take it With You

I know it's tax season but I've been knitting between jobs! I really like the look of the latest project - my knitted shopping bag. It's basically done except for the top edging & the handles. I figure it's about a three or four evening knit if there's good stuff on the tube. If not, plug in a good 15 hour audio book, sit in the sunshine & knit this one up in a couple of sunny days. I used a needle the size of my ring finger to knit the YO, K2tog part of the body so it has a lot of stretch sideways. This one will expand to hold a lot of apples, oranges, bulky veggies etc but won't drop around your knees when it gets full. I'll bet it can also hold a ton of spinning fibre too . . . .

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