Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Since I decided to spin a little every day, I've been poking about in the clutter to see exactly what I have to spin. I have a lot of clutter. I'm not exactly a hoarder - I've seen pictures & I'm not that hardcore - yet. But I have a lot of 'stuff'. It has been collected so I can use it "someday". We all have this stuff - someday I'll make a
sweater out of that, someday I'll bake that, I can make that waaaaay cheaper, someday. Okay, I admit it - I'm a someday collector.

I have a lot of really crappy someday stuff in with the really nice stuff. Today, being garbage day, I tossed a whole crappy fleece. A whole Fleece! Years ago, when I didn't know any better, I took in homeless fleeces rather than see them burned or composted or sent to the dump. Someone actually left 11 green garbage bags of fleece on my patio one day. All crap. I've learned that a lot of fleece should be composted, burned or turned into garage insulation. And I found one yesterday in my office closet. Digging deeper while in there, I found a 3 pound bag of beautiful grey Romney roving too. I'd forgotten about the Romney - you could tell by the amount of dust on the bag. I bought it from someone, sight unseen, many years ago on Canspin. It's so dry that it's like pill bottle cotton. Lucky for me, I still have a bottle of spinning oil from the 70s - I thought I'd use it - someday. I sprayed the roving down & put it into a bin. I should be able to spin it in a few days . . . If I remember correctly, this Romney spins into a beautiful, soft, bluey-grey yarn that you just want to fondle. I remember knitting kid's hats out of it about 10 years ago.

I continued, last evening, to spin my Brown Sheep mill ends. It was so pleasant, I took my old wheel outside & spent an hour or so listening to the tail end of Total Recal
l, a V I Warshawski mystery by Sara Paretski while I spun. I enjoyed it so much, I brought it inside & carried on while I watched the Antiques Roadshow too. My mill ends were bought from the Sheep Shed Studios in a 15lb Grab Bag - gee, must be 2 or 3 years ago now!! I split it with my pal Gail & we've spread a little here & there since. It spins up beautifully. I tend to prefer the slightly spongey egg shaped lumps to the lovely mohair/wool roving. Dunno why, maybe it's just the feel of the wool but I can spin it up into singles yarn with so little twist that it never biases when I knit. This is two evenings spinning on my Indian Spinner. I figure between the mill ends & the Romney, I have enough wool to keep me spinning till Christmas.

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