Friday, April 09, 2010

Something Practical

So I decided to knit my own shopping bags.
But first, I had to find a good source o
f Crafter's Cotton. Not easy. After many disappointments, I bit the bullet & went to Walmart. For a change, there was a good selection of great colors in the Really Big Balls! I managed to score three good colors & then had to choose a good pattern. I found patterns everywhere but not necessarily what I wanted for a simple Shopping Bag. Knitty offers a couple of nice ones but they come with the long shoulder strap or a lace pattern. I found other nice ones in just about every knitting or crochet magazine. Even Lion Brand offers 'green' bags. But, I don't want to spend days & days knitting a lace patterned bag that will get sticky, dirty & even bloody carrying this & that home from Safeway. I wanted something simple, stretchy & useful. I downloaded several patterns before deciding on "Lets Go Shopping" by Linda Skinlo which I found on Ravelry for FREE!! I like the short handles - although she includes instructions for a shoulder strap - which should make it easier to handle with a load in it. I hate a bag that ends up hanging around your knees when you try to fill it up! It's a fast & easy knit in a simple yo, k2together on one row & knit on alternate rows. The solid bottom is started with 6 st on three needles with increases on every second row. In a couple of evenings, I've knit almost 18 inches up from the bottom!!

The Ex got his socks the other morning & I remembered to take their photo before he got them. The size & color made them a slow knit - oh how I hate dull yarn!!- especially when I have to knit it into size 13 socks . . . but he loved them & I could've got an order for more from two other men in the cafe!!

And speaking of socks - Kare
n gave me hell for giving away my 'Smoldering Hearts' socks last month. I said my sock basket was overflowing with socks. Here's the socks I just washed on Tuesday. This doesn't include all the short 'summer' socks that're still in the basket . . . .

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