Friday, March 12, 2010

Teeny Tiny

I've been having so much fun knitting infant socks from all the sock left-overs in my THREE big zip locks! I could make infant socks for the next several years from all these! One of the new gals in our little knitting group had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago. It's her first & they expected a boy. Since they have nothing for a girl - can't see WHY infant wear has to be sexist myself - I took to knitting wild little socks as a surprise. Apparently, most of her sleepers are footless - they all had feet in them when I used to buy them . . . . but that's good for me & my crazy little socks!! I've knit several pairs so far & will carry on since the little one needs socks. The BSJ is finished except for buttons - didn't think about them very much but now I have find something to go with the holes in the sweater front!! I have some lovely Ladybug buttons but they're too big & I know I have a stash of infant buttons in all kinds of colors & shapes but gawd knows where they are . . .

I've turned the heels on both pairs of the Ex socks. I have only the toes to finish off in one pair & a half a foot on the other. Since we've had snow showers off & on this week - yeah, the flowering trees are not particularly happy about that - he's been waiting with bated breath to put them on.
And the snow?? Well, I guess we had our spring for the Olympics - I was out several times over the couple of weeks in shorts & a summer tee during the day. It was too cold at night! One day, while knitting at Starbucks after 2 in the afternoon, I got a sunburn!!! But, we're back to fingerless gloves, wool socks & jackets for sure!!! It's a bit warmer today - we got torrential rain instead of snow showers.

Our knitting buddy Gail left for Hawaii with her family yesterday. Her daughter Lisa is marrying Mattie on the beach with Mom & Dad, brother Mike, his spouse, Jane & daughter Freya in attendance. Then they're all working on their tans for a week. Lucky them.

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