Monday, May 24, 2010

And on the needles

I add a row every time I get a chance to sit in front of
the boob tube! I can't wait to wear these ones even with the mistake because I just love the colors. And I sure do love wild socks . . . . And then I'm back to the three pairs of size 13WWW socks I promised to make for the Ex's big clod hoppers. I did start a pair in blue but the yarn is much finer than most of the other sock yarn so the socks-in-progress seem too small. I may just wind up with another pair of blue socks in the gift basket.

I'm down to the last few 'lumps' in the Brown Sheep mill end bag. I started spinning the lumps on my Indian Spinner & decided to finish spinning all of them on the same machine so all the skeins are the same. I may need all of them for the same project so I don't want any changes in the spinning style. When the weather really warms up later in the summer, I'll dye them all together too. Not sure what color they'll be yet - I may just experiment.

I still have
a couple of pounds of the wool/mohair blend that came in the mill end bag. The wool/mohair is so smooth & silky it almost spins itself . . . I spun some of it on the Indian Spinner but just for a sample. I intentionally left it to spin on the new Majacraft & use it as a two strand yarn. Yeah, I know, I could ply it but I like spinning yarn to the thickness I need & knitting it as a thicker singles yarn. I don't tend to put a lot of spin into my yarn with the Indian Spinner, so I have no biasing when I knit - why spin everything three times to get the yarn you want when you can just spin it to the thickness you need??? Some people have told me I may have to change my ways with the new wheel though, since it spins so much faster than my old one. After all, I've spent over 30 years with an old farm truck & now have a zippy little race car to play with.

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