Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I just had to try out those tiny little needles. It's a bit of a stretch & I find it much slower than with my longer needles, that's for sure. I do like the FEEL & WARMTH of them though so I think I'll persevere a little longer. I thought I'd try a little YO & K2together quickie lace but the sock became too wide for those tiny needles . . . I had to switch to two circs! Maybe this is why these shorties come in 6s - you need 5 of them to keep the stitches on the needles if you're working a pattern??? I'll probably end up tinking the sock back to the ribbing since the quickie lace is rapidly becoming waaaaay too wide. Maybe it will work out a little better with solid ribs between every couple of YOs. I might just give it another try with a couple of panels of YO, K2tog down the front of the sock.

Another hoodie is on the needles too. I hav
en't knit any in the last few months since I've been so busy with tax season & the spinning Retreat. And trying to finish the purple top-down Kyler's Kardigan in the car-knitting bag for myself! Who has time to knit??? But, I have all that yarn & the pattern is burned into my brain cells by now. So, I dug out several balls in the same colorway & cast-on another one. Some of the colors are really a little strange and this one is no exception! yeah, it looks fairly okay but the colors are a little "OFF" when held up to regular shades. Sometimes I get lucky & can find a solid that works with the variegated yarns but not always - this is one of those that just won't work with anything I have - the red is not really red or pink & the grey isn't really grey or blue or black. So, I guess it's going to be all in the one strange color . . . .

I'm also trying to spin a little every day! Spun up another 'bump' yesterday while waiting for a client. I sat out in the sun on my little patio & listened to a murder while I spun! I have James Patterson's latest, The Ninth Judgment, on the mp
3 player! It's pretty shocking but totally in character for Patterson. This is also the latest in the Women's Murder Club series. I figure I have another big fat skein & a half on that bobbin & probably should wind it off right now but I'm too lazy. There's still room on there for another couple of 'bumps' since my Indian Spinner holds up to 2 pounds of wool!! No Gail, I'm not spinning on my NEW Majacraft wheel these days. I'm refusing to start any other project until all the 'bumps' are spun & finished! My biggest problem is starting too many projects & never finishing ANYTHING. I am determined to finish spinning the rest of the Black Sheep 'bumps' so I can dye them this summer when it's nice & warm on the patio. I can't wait to see the expressions on my neighbors' faces when those skeins are hanging out in the sun!

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