Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love em & Hate em at the same time

So, I've been using those little tiny short needles to try to knit a pair of socks. Mind you, I've also inserted a little bit of simple lace which wouldn't bother anyone normally but on short needles where things are always threatening to
fall off & where they're just a little too short for sore hands, well, it gets to you. Normally, I'd cast those suckers on & barely look at the sock again until the heel turning where I use the Queen Kahuna heel - from Crazy Heels & Toes - with twenty little rubber bands & two stitch markers on each sock! You have no choice, you have to keep an eye on the sock at THAT point! And once the heel is turned, I barely look again until the toe shaping . . . If I have a book on a stand, I can read & knit at the same time. I have to concentrate on these socks. Good thing I love the wild color or I'd've lost interest some time back. I have to report the first sock is firmly on 2 circs & is approaching the heel shaping while the second is barely below the ribbing - about 3 rounds into the lace insert - in a week. I should've finished them & been on the yoke of the Hoodie by now! I think I hate using these short needles as much as I love the color & feel of them . . . .

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