Thursday, May 06, 2010

Can you really be happy with 6.5" when you're used to 9.5???

You know it's going to be an interesting day when you have to put Bailey's in your tea because you ran out of milk.

The burning question of the day is - can you really be happy with 6.5 inches when you're used to 9.5??? I splurged on another little goodie for myself - it seems I do this a LOT these days!! I drooled & drooled over those wooden Knitpicks needles!! I never bought an
y because I'd bought a set of Denise needles. I like the Denise needles because they're so light! And I like linking the cables to make the size I like. And I don't want any more little pieces to lose. But, I look at those damned wooden needles every time I see the catalogue. I finally invested in a set of DPs for socks. And I got them last night. They're soooooo short! My favorite bamboo sock needles - I made them from skewers - are 9.5" long. I knit a lot of men's socks on these! And I have two sets of them so I can knit both socks at the same time - makes adjustments so easy as you go. Even my Brittany Birch needles are 8 inches long! Am I going to be able to knit with these???
But I have to admit,
they sure are pretty.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch
Another pair of socks are on the L_O_N_G needles. I suspect these will end up on MY feet though. I'm using the Regia Jet Set line of yarn in a variegated blue. I cast on 72 stitches as usual for mens socks but these feel thin & small! Oh, they have a ton of stretch but feel very small for a sock that should cover a size 13WWW foot!! I've only got the ribbing & a couple of inches of stockinette done but I think these are only going to fit me. My pal Gail is using the same yarn in a different colorway & mentioned the same thing. She suggested there may be TWO weights in this yarn or is this a factory flaw???? Had I realized this in the beginning, I would've knit a slightly lacy sock pattern for a change. Who knows?? I may just do it yet . . . .


Denise said...

My hubby bought me a set of the DP's from Knitpicks and a set of the straight needles as well. Love them. Even got rid of all my aluminum needles though I kept my Boye set (like Denise) Couldnt afford to get everything at once...besides it gives him ideas for next Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, they're soooo pretty but what a pain in the ass to use!! I can knit & read a book with my LONG ones!!! I'm hoping I get used to them since they cost me 40 plus bucks!!! I guess I should know better . . . sob!