Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Dawg Days of Summer

I know how the Dawg feels these days, I'd like to take an afternoon nap myself! I've been participating in the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry again
this year. Didn't produce much last year & I'm just not sure why - I can't even remember if it was as cold & wet last year. But, the sunshine has arrived, my bones are not aching as much & I feel terrific. Well, except for the right knee that's been giving me trouble but I climbed out of my thongs - wahhhhhhh - & back into my Orthopedic Sneakers & it's doing a lot better! I pronate or roll inwards when I walk but I wear special walking shoes/sneakers with a built in anti roll device. The problem is, when it's hot, I don't want to wear sneakers & socks. But, I guess I have to, most of the time or that damned knee will hurt. And then the hip hurts. Shit. But, I digress, I've been spinning for the Tour de Fleece on my new Suzie Pro. Surprise, surprise, I've already finished the first 8.2 oz of Orange Superwash!!! Wooo hoo. And now I'm onto the 10 oz of Purple Superwash that I bought a YEAR ago! I even got up early & took the Suzie Pro out to the patio & spent an hour spinning with all the new flowers.

My Mother's Day baskets were stolen a couple of weeks ago. Some Dirtbag walked through &
took them right off the hooks!! It made me kind of blue & I didn't really want to go out & enjoy the patio. But, thanks to a clearance sale at Rona, I am back in business!! I got myself three baskets that needed a little love & attention. Two are hanging up & the Fuchsias are sitting in the semi shaded area where they prefer to be. I also pigged out on Geraniums - I planted all the empty pots except the giant one but I guess it's getting the remainder tonight. My bare Patio is busting out all over with blooms!!!

And what am I going to do with all this Superwash I'm spinning?? Winter sock
s for Moi, that's what! I know I should buy boots for the winter but in this climate, it just rains all the time - well, except for a little snow in January or February but it's not worth it unless you buy Rain boots. And Rain boots are cold & clammy so you NEED warm wooley sox. I have a couple of pairs of Rubber Garden shoes with felt insoles which are great but not quite warm enough. So, I'm going to knit nice handspun socks for my winter Rubber shoes. And my orthopedic sneakers of course . . .

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Louisa said...

I have to be careful which shoes I wear too. I'm not sacrificing comfort for style. I'd rather live without pain, thankyouverymuch! No flip-flops for me.

What kind of *&%^& jerks would steal your flower baskets? Sheesh. The replacements are looking nice though.