Monday, July 02, 2012

Day Three

I joined Team Canada
in the Tour de Fleece adventure with my favorite groupies from the Wednesday Nite Nitters. We spin while the Cyclists ride in the Tour de France. We rest when they rest. This is an attempt to challenge ourselves in our craft while cheering on our favorite riders at the same time.

On Saturday - Day One - I had to work so I wasn't able to spin much of anything but I did get a half hour's worth on the spinner.

On Day Two, GrannyGail, SpinQuilt, AuntyDoe & I gathered to spin for the afternoon - with a selection of neighbors & a mom, too - on AuntyDoe's covered patio. A fine time was had by all,
including one mooching pooch!! The sun was present although not overwhelmingly so. Even so, by bedtime, the left half of my face was gloriously, brilliantly, beet red!

Day Three - What happened to summer??? Managed to get outside on the Patio & get several hours spinning done. Loaded the IPod with Dana Stabenow's "Blood Will Tell" audiobook - I do so love
Kate Shugak!!! - and toted the Suzie Pro outside to the patio under a dark sky until it got too cold to spin. I've just about managed to finish one whole bobbin! After 30+ years of spinning on my Indian Spinner, this one is tough to get used to . . . and my right knee is complaining. I'm taking it a little at a time since that damned knee has been a bit wobbly lately. Dunno what's going on but maybe spinning will help. And then I'll get to knit some wild orange winter socks with the yarn!

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