Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ta Da

Do I have to say more??? The Orange superwash is still on the bobbins because I just haven't had time to get it off but here's the Purple Majesty superwash - only one bag is done by the way & Pink Elephant - I just had to have it in mid Tour & I was able to spin it when I got tired of the Purple . . . all of which were spun as singles yarn. I had intended to spin them much finer & thought I did on the Suzie Pro but once they came off the skein winder & hit the water. Poof! They came out as fingering weight so they won't be plied. This may have been unintended consciously but my unconscious knows I prefer to spin the weight I want without any more 'fiddling' with it.

The Purple will become socks in the Ravellenic Games - Ravelry's celebration of the Olympic Games which we aren't allowe
d to mention in regards to our Celebration. I've entered the Purple in the Sock Put. Hopefully I will knit the Orange too if I get a chance to get to it in time. I will also be trying to finish the Arvik Ribbons sweater that is partly done & got abandoned in a bag at the beginning of Tax Season when I had to juggle Taxes & the job at the School when Bryan went to drive a bus. I'd really, really like to finish it first.

The skein of Pink Elephant?? Well - it's Polworth, which means it's soft, it felts & it's not good for socks. It might become a cowl, a hat or a dainty scarf. Not sure so it will marinate for a while. I may even hang it up on my skein rack as ART.

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