Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still Spinning

Yes, I am still spinning in the Tour de Fleece! I've finished my orange Superwash roving & am more than halfway through the first bag of purple Superwash roving. And that's something for me! The hands are a little tender but not so much that I can't write or continue spinning. There's one more 8 oz bag of purple Superwash - what WAS I thinking when I bo
ught all that??? Maybe just didn't realize it all had 20% nylon in it - who knows??

I'm planning on knitting it all up into plain winter socks as my Ravellenic challenge while the Olympics are on. Oh, yes, would you believe the Olympic committee blasted the Ravelry owners for holding "Ravelympics" to support our athletes??? The world-wide population of c
rafters rose up & LOUDLY proclaimed their support so the Committee backed off & asked nicely to change the name. The owners did, so we are now holding the Ravellenic Games in support. Such silliness by the IOC to threaten to sue The Fans but they have the Lawyers & we have fibre.

As a backup plan, I still have the WIP Ribbons-O-Round sweater entered in the WIP Wrestling category too in case I get tired of socks. I will be sooooooo busy when the Olympics are on that I'm not sure I'll even have time to go to work!

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