Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Whole lotta Fall going on

I love this time of year!! All the sunny benefits during the day but cool at night so you can sleep! Cherries sit side by side with Nectarines & fresh field Tomatoes . . . I've had all of these for Dinner three nights in a row. And I made Italian Soup with Swiss Chard in it - fresh, local Chard!! Oh yeah. The Tomatoes taste like real tomatoes!! And just so you don't think that all I do is EAT - I have a sink full of baby cukes soaking so I can make up some Dill Pickles & Bread & Butter Pickles later on today. The Ex asked for Beet Pickles so I might even churn out a few jars of them too. I mean, they're all so simple. A few spices, a little vinegar, sugar & salt . . . Garlic I got, Dill I got, Fennel I got out in the garden growing wild!! Like I said, I love this time of year!

I do more than eat this time of year too - I've been churning out short
socks for myself. I found a few balls of good old Confetti which has been a favorite yarn over the years! It's cheap compared to most yarns but carries a lot of yardage in one of those balls, second only to Regia. It feels a little thin when you're working with it but fluffs up nicely when rinsed the first time. And I have not worn out one single pair of socks made with Confetti yarn yet.

I've also been investigating
the Charitable knitting wishlist for this year. I went straight to the Horse's Mouth so to speak & asked what they need. I've been churning stuff out blindly but it's been bothering me that maybe it isn't what's NEEDED. So I asked. Hand knit hats are the most requested item. Scarves are second. The People served by this Charity tend to live in crappy places with few amenities so they're out a lot. They walk between the Drop In centres, medical appointments & cafeterias. A hand knit hat is considered a luxury! Really??? Hats??? Okay, hats it will be!! I have a lot of White Buffalo wool - each package is in a different dyelot! Great for hats. Knit on large needles - good for both sexes, repels water, keeps you warm even when wet & soooooo easy to make! I even have an original pattern for a touque. WooooooHooooooo

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