Monday, September 03, 2012

The Sun is Shining & the Grass is Riz

My circadian clock says I should be up, eating an Egg Mcmuffin & answering the phones at work! In the middle of a dream this morning, I threw back the covers, hit the floor & was halfway to the bathroom before I opened my eyes. Stopped dead in my tracks & thought, 'Wait a minute . . .' went back, checked the clock, sat back down, thought for a moment & gave my head a shake. Had a serious talk with myself about where I was & what I was doing today. Tried my best to lay back down but I was UP. The sun was shining out there too. I need to vacuum & do the laundry but I don't want to. Has it really co
me to this?? Would I rather go to work than clean house??? Oh Yeah!!
Maybe I'll just get a Mcmuffin, read the paper & pretend for an hour or two.

And just so you don't think I don't DO anything but work anymore - I finally finished the toes on my latest creations. Now that I'm having problems putting socks on in the morning, I've finished the latest PURPLE short summer socks! These are in the 'On Your Toes' yarn I found in my 'personal' s
tash. Apparently the yarn comes with Aloe to soothe the aching tootsies. Dunno 'bout that but the yarn is soft, easy to work with, knits up like any other sock yarn on my 2.25mm or size 1 DPs - I cheated in the end & threw them on two circs since they became 'car knitting' & I didn't want the needles to fall out. Dark stitches are HELL to pick up when you get old!!! This is why they took so long. I haven't had much time to knit in the car - I've either been driving or it's been waiting.

And I guess I'll have to start another pair immediately
- I lost part of a tooth eating TOAST yesterday so it looks like I'll be hanging around the Dentist's office this next week . . .

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