Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sunday Morning Again

THIS week I'm taking three days off in a row
. At least I'm not planning anything work related other than answering the phone I so calmly call-forwarded yesterday. No one is around at ANY of the businesses that I normally work for. NO ONE. Isn't that amazing??? I suppose the dogs are there but other than that, no one is around. Must be that big fat Blue Moon that made this happen!! Aren't strange & wonderful things supposed to happen during the Blue Moon??? For those who don't know - a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month! Rare, apparently. And we don't get another one for years.

But, as I said, I don't have to be anywhere for the next three days. Think of the possibilities! All the bills are paid. I could take the car out & just drive north, south or east without stopping for a day or two . . . but then I'd have to come back again. So I might as well knit.

I'm a fan of the Cabin Fever gals & just had to have their new book, 'Need a Plus Cardigan?' I like NO SEW, Top-down patterns especially when they come in versions for multiple weights of yarn. And having a pattern designed especially for a large body?? With variations to make multiples?? You Bet. I'll buy that!! I have other Cabin Fever patterns & I like them. I'd been working on my Poncho Pullover until it got too warm to have it in my lap. And then I got involved in the Tour de Fleece & knitting my hand spun into socks for the Ravellenic Games. So it's time to get back to Fall knitting . . .

The Book's release is being celebrated by a Knit-a-Long using one of the sweaters in the Book. Julie from Knitting at Large, Deb from Cabin Fever & friend Robin are all helping us out on this one. I figure if I join a KAL, I might get something finished in time for FALL this year. Seems I can knit for others a hellova lot faster than I can for myself. And I have all that Briggs & LIttle Heritage in two shades of blue. Apparently Deb likes B&L & has used it several times in her new sample sweaters in the book!! I just love the Panel Sweater. I love the version with the lace but you can't knit that in Heritage!! Heritage is a worsted weight more suited to outdoor wear & hoodies! It's rustic but soft & comes complete with bits of straw - but, it should work nicely with the Lace Frock Vest pattern. I'd put a 3/4 sleeve on it & wear it hip length as a light jacket over leggings or jeans! You know, I think I just made up my own mind.

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