Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Knitting

Is it me or does everyone feel exhausted around this time every year?? It's dreary at the Motorcycle School as we wind down towards the close of the season - only one more month to go I think. The phones are barely ringing. Last year we ran a couple of classes in November but the weather was just terrible & the students were cold & wet the whole time. I suspect our last class will be in October this year & we may be in a different spot next year too.

I was really looking forward to this Sunday off. I had great plans to get all the dishes done, the kitchen floor steam-cleaned, laundry finished and get my Cabin Fever sweater on the needles. None of that happened. My right leg has been giving me hell - Sciatica again, only affecting the inside of my thigh this time. It makes lifting my right leg to get dressed in the morning very difficult & moving from the gas to the brake so painful I don't want to go too far! Every once in a while, my knee gives out to add insult to injury! I just wish I knew how I did this so I could stop. Makes me feel old & crabby .  .  . 

But leg didn't stop me from galloping down to Knitopia on Thursday for a last look before they close with a bag of toonies in my pocket. I save all my toonies($2 coin) in a tin & use them for luxury purchases when a Fibre Show comes to town or I go on a Retreat!! Since it's not coming out of the bank account, it's like FREE MONEY. I had 65 toonies in the tin & took 63 with me. I was interested in sweater yarn but I couldn't afford enough Alpaca & all the sale yarns I loved were in amounts too small to cover my backside. So I settled for some Cascade Paint in a luscious dark purple  to make a winter hooded cowl & a few balls of sock yarn. Now I need sock yarn like a hole in the head but I found a couple of new colors & several balls of solids to use for toes. And I spent every cent of the toonies in the bag & a couple of extra bucks too. It was fun. But I realized I'll have to spin the yarn if I want a sweater's worth  .  .  .  .

Got my first tuque on the needles for charity. Karen kindly donated her first & a scarf as well!! Come on Gail, pull the rag out!

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