Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday at home

I hadn't planned on going anywhere today - the sink is full of dishes & the kitchen floor needs scraping fer gosh sake! I've been suffering with another attack of sciatica this last couple of weeks & it's all I can do to get dressed & drive the car to work. My right leg decided it didn't want to bend at the knee & move up & down. Getting it from the gas to the brake has been a painful test of endurance. I may have come up with a solution though - after chatting with Karen - I've filled all my office chairs with a thick foam pillow. It made a difference after one day. I guess I'm suffering from Low Chair Syndrome! I still have pain - the weather hip - but not the terrible pain I had in my leg! It's so good to have a retired Physio in the old knitting group!!!! Now that I can move around a little better, it might be time to clean up the kitchen. If I can tear myself away from my latest project, that is  .  .  .

I'll be working on my Lace Frock from Deb's 'Need an Plus Size Cardigan?' book. I know, I know, I have a couple sweaters & a pair of socks on the go already but this one's a quick knit in heavy worsted wool & I'm using STASH. The Ribbons cardigan in handspun is car knitting, Kyler's cardigan is just about done & I should finish the last sleeve so I can wear it but the KAL for Deb's sweater has started & I want to do it for the fitting advice. I don't foresee any real problems but I wanted to be in the KAL just in case. And then I can finish Kyler's since I only have a sleeve & the front band to do - and it looks like I may have 8 balls of yarn left over too . . . Somebody may be getting a purple hat for Christmas!

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