Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Rushed home from work yesterday with an aching, burning hip - I can always tell when the barometer is making a big change!! Yeah, the radio was announcing said change this morning as I trundled off to work but the old hip hadn't started to burn yet. The Hip is the thanx I get for the active & rambunctious childhood I had when TV was something we watched for a hour or two on certain evenings AFTER dinner!! Around 2:00, I took the first Ibuprofen. The sun was out with hardly a cloud in the sky in Langley. But the Hip knew better. The sciatica has improved with the addition of the 4" thick foam pillow so I'll be hauling that thing around with me for the rest of the week to make sure the damned sciatica goes away!! So, home with an aching/burning hip, sore ass & painful leg from the sciatica. Nothing left to do but get out the Triscuits - olive oil & cracked pepper - & the 40 spice hummus for dinner. And knit. Thank Gawd for the Antiques Roadshow. My yoke is about 50% finished in TWO days! I'm really liking this Worsted yarn from Briggs & Little!! And the color is much darker than the picture which was taken directly under the Daylight bulb . . . .

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