Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just a Simple Pile of Hats

And you thought I was 'doggin' it, didn't ya?? The HAT project has begun. One of the Girls brought in two bags full of superwash wool for our knitting enjoyment & everyone took home at least three balls to knit a 'manly' hat for A Loving Spoonful. Meanwhile, Carol kindly knit a whole bag of hats on her handy knitting loom, Gail brought in three large, snuggly ones, Karen gave me one & a scarf last week & I've knit up 4 so far on my own. The Hat project is always fun to do & it's nice to know that each of these small offerings will help keep a man, who's lost almost everything, warm this winter. I keep wanting to knit socks to go with the hats but I've been told that HATS are the #1 requested thing at Christmas time. Hand made hats are a fought over luxury on the street. And I can knit 4 hats in the time it would take to make one pair of socks .  .  .  so, I guess HATS will take preference this year. Any socks I knit will be for ME.

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