Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's All About Manly Hats

All I do these days is churn out manly hats. Hats in blue and green and brown and black  .  .  .  I'm telling you, those JUMBO balls of Superwash Acrylic in Scarlet & Turquoise in that sheer bin are screaming at me!! Choose ME, choose ME!!!

I will definitely knit a hat every week or so next year so I'm not in this position again!  I know it's all about someone else in tough circumstances. But, churning out manly hats in bulk is very boring. It's sort of like knitting black or brown socks - it takes longer than knitting in bright colors! You can do it in your sleep while the old mind is concentrating on something else more exciting like stalking the perfect skein of Woolmeise .  .  .  or taking you to a secret warehouse of exquisite rare yarns at a buck a ball .  .  .  And then you wake up to the boring manly knitting  -  NNnnnooooooo!!! 

I'm only 7 hats in & I hate it already. Thank gawd the Girls at Wednesday Nite Nitting are helping out. I need to be working on my Top Down Lace Frock in Briggs & Little mulberry wool. Or my Ribbons Top Down handspun pink striped grey sweater that lives in the car in a bag. I need color! I need warmth. I need more people willing to knit a couple of hats - just a touque people - a manly acrylic touque that will pull down over the ears & help keep a man on the street WARM. Loving Spoonful needs you!

Then I can get back to my sweaters which are much more interesting than manly hats. Or whip out another pair of wild socks in eye watering colors. And yes, that IS my favorite cup on it's warming pad. Hot tea with Bailey's keeps me sane.


Louisa said...

Some guys like brighter colours, you know. Mine wears his bright woad blue one. And red is usually acceptable. Maybe you need to alternate projects?

Sharon in Surrey said...

As usual, the touque knitting was left till the weather turned cool. Now the rush is on!! And yes, I will be breaking out the RED this week . . . I just wanted to knit Red & Turquoise together . . .