Thursday, October 11, 2012

Like a Fly into the Web

I worked my ASS off this week trying to lure all & sundry into Motorcycle Training! It's almost the end of the season & people run hot & cold this time of year. They really want to learn to ride & they know the best way to learn is inside a protected lot with Professionals but they whine about being in the cold & wet. I remind them they LIVE on the Wet Coast where it rains all year round - except for this year - and they could experience all four seasons on one ride to Whistler!! I keep hearing whispers of  - It could be nicer in February when the prices are lower! Yeah, right. In the snow. Or hail. Definitely Rain. But I got TWO - yeah, count em - TWO classes going next week. Just in time for Rain, Wind & Cold. Wooo hooo

Speaking of cold & rain, I can already feel winter in my basement - I'm wearing wool socks & a matching sweater in purples both manufactured by me!! The lovely damp fog we've been experiencing since Tuesday has me seized up like an old iron gate, especially in the mornings. Yeah, apparently, I make the same noises too. Today, in Safeway, I dropped my Bank Card & wasn't sure I could bend over that far & pick it up. I was horrified when the Bagger & the Checker both ran to pick it up for me. I had no idea the rusty noises were audible!

I think I'm beginning to understand retirement a little better. It's not that people want to stop working & spend their "Golden Years" in the rocker, but they either go to bed fully dressed so they don't have to bend over in the morning or spend most of it getting the old bones warmed up & moving. Since Estrogen left the building, I've not only stiffened up, developed pain, lost hair & teeth & dried out but my internal furnace set-point has been lowered as well. Wool has now become my best friend because I'm cold most of the time.

Still plugging away at my Top Down Ample V-neck cardigan From Cabin Fever. I'm really looking forward to wearing it this year. The color - Mulberry/Eggplant - goes with everything I own & I'm considering buying some red boots as well. Seems black/red/sable are THE colors. Almost all the boots in the Sears catalogue come in red & black this year with some brown or forest green boots as well. I think I'll take the red. I'd really prefer purple but I'll take what I can get.

17 hats in the bag!!! Got two bags of Superwash wool donated on Wednesday & most of it went home with fellow knitters who've promised more hats!!! Photos later.

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