Sunday, October 07, 2012


Another family holiday for us Singles to survive. Like Easter, I'm not really complaining about this one very much since most of the world carries on like this one really isn't here. I know it's a Stat Holiday in Canada but most of us non-union people just carry on at our jobs like usual unless we're in the long long line-up going South to spend money across the Border. Cross Border shopping has become a new national pass time in all the Border towns. I, unlike the majority of my friends, prefer to spend my money at home. I have better things to do than spend half a day idling my expensive gas away in a line-up. Today, I'm cooking. And knitting.

I tossed a smoked pork hock in the big soup pot this morning & am enjoying the wonderful smell as it simmers all day. I intend to add some barley, half a head of cabbage & a sushi carrot when the meat & skin falls off the bone. A couple of big pinches of coarsely ground pepper & a pinch of cinnamon will complete it just in time for dinner. I may even drop in a dollop of sour creme before serving. Tomorrow, I'm cooking up curried chicken & broccoli just to shake it up a little. I'm not having turkey this weekend although I love turkey. I figure it will be on at clearance prices on Monday evening & I'll load up then .  .  .  

And while the glorious odor of dinner perfumes my basement apartment, I'm doing up my last tax return before returning to my knitting. I'm in touque mode for the next two months. I plan to knit as many as I can while still working on my Top-Down V-neck Cardigan from Cabin Fever & the Frankensocks for Diane. Just a couple of past Frankensocks I found in the files.

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