Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Off .  .  .

I finished the last manly touque & decided I just had to do something else for a change. Louisa's suggestion that I alternate projects is a valid one but most of my projects are large ones - three sweaters for ME on the go. But, since it's cool out there - I brought in the Christmas cacti from the patio only today - I thought I should get one of my sweaters finished so I can wear it! And I want a pair of felted boots to wear in my basement this winter since the floor's so damned cold!!

But first - Diane's socks! I had started these ones for me but decided I would gift them to her since I probably won't see her until February. The Motorcycle School will be shutting down for the season soon & we'll both be on holiday until the New Year - so weird to say that in October. So, I presented her with a wild pair of Confetti socks. I bought several balls of this color a couple of years ago in the SALE bin at Knitopia. I've always been a fan of DGS - Confetti because there's plenty of yardage in each 50gm ball. While it feels thin & a little harsh when it's knitted, it softens, thickens & blooms marvelously when it hits water! This means I can knit it up on my favorite 2mm needles & get a nice dense fabric when the spinning oils wash out. The colors don't fade, the sock will shrink slightly in the dryer the first time & I have yet to make a hole in any of my socks.

The only reason I cheat on Confetti is COLOR. I'm a sucker for color. Fabel is my second favorite sock yarn. Fabel has magnificent colors. It also has almost as much yardage in a 50gm ball as does Confetti - I can make a Man's size 13 sock out of either ball easily too. But why waste those great colors on a man???

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