Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Reward

It's almost the end of the Motorcycle Training Season - I'm ready for a month or two off! I'm even contemplating EI for the first time in 25 odd years! But, maybe not if I get a couple of contracts to work from my home office. But, here we are, glorious weather, almost the end of the season & the phones started ringing off the hook yesterday. Yup, they've been busier than they've been for weeks. At this rate, we may be teaching waaaaaay into November. And I might be able to cope if it gets busier.

And what has an extended Motorcycle Season got to do with Knitting or Spinning you ask?? Well, yesterday, our Theory Instructor Diane, passed her Testing Certification!! She can now test students for the MSA or Parking lot test.

Since Diane is now a Certified Tester, I'll have to knit some TEST socks. Both Bryan & Diane have Instructor socks. I knit them with REGIA's Flag series yarn in turquoise, orange, red & yellow - dunno who's flag has all those colors but they make wild socks!!! When Bryan passed his MSA Certificate, he got a pair of  WILD socks in yellow, black & red. The pressure is now on to find something wild & crazy for Diane.

I save all my leftovers & roughly sort them into yarns with BLUE, yarns with RED & yarns with PINK/PURPLE in them. It just makes it easier to find a co-ordinating solid for toes and/or bands between colors if I go that way. I hate messing with multiple colors all at the same time like the Socklady does - no patience for it at all! So, the best I can do is wild bands of color between solid stripes or join the yarns where the colors meet. Sometimes joining at the reds or blues produces the wildest socks you ever saw & people ask where the heck you bought yarn like THAT?! And while you'd think - after a comment like that - that they'd run away in horror, well, often they fight over the gaudiest pair! I've found Frankensocks to be very popular, especially with the tween, teen & twenty somethings. But Diane loves wild & crazy stuff. The first thing she does when she's teaching in the classroom is to kick off her shoes & wander around in her wild socks!! That's why I have to find something REALLY, REALLY crazy for her!

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