Monday, February 20, 2006

As the Sock Turns . . . . .

This Blogging thing is more trouble than I expected! Tucking in little bits of code to attach neat buttons, adding links - hey, this isn't easy!! And then I have to think up interesting things to amuse the jaded passerby!

I ended up putting the good old-fashioned flap & gusset heel on my pink & green socks. Since they're short socks, I don't want them to slip into the lady's shoes when she wears them so I extended the flap an extra inch & carried on as usual. I've grown used to the Queen Kahuna heel - backwards - now but its wider when done from the top than it is when done from the toe up. Not sure how that happens but I think I'll make fewer gusset increases on the next pair to compensate. Actually, I'm going to do one heel with Jan's heel & one a la the Queen to see which one I prefer. Jan's heel is certainly easier to do!!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my Ginny's sweater is marching right along from the neck down. I'm almost to the arms - it snowed lightly this morning so I need that damn sweater ASAP!! I need more hours in the day to knit!!!

Is anyone interested in Audio books??
I'm listening to the Firm in the livingroom & Anne McCaffreys DragonDrums on my computer desktop. I dearly love my audios!! I joined & get two new ones each month for less than the cost of one in the Book Stores!!
If anyone is interested, go to & say rwanda sent you - we both get goodies.

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Louisa said...

Welcome to the Blogiverse, Sharon!You always express yourself very well, so this should be no different for you. Happy blogging!