Thursday, February 16, 2006

Technology has me by the short & curlies . . .

Let the Blog Begin . . .

Here I am creating another blog so I can join a WebRing. I must be out of my mind. I spent a whole day working on another Blog so I could join & after three posts & multiple tries, I found I cannot post the code that links me to the WebRing. Can you believe that???

This Blog will become one with the Fluffy Knitters WebRing. Yes, Virginia, I am a fluffy.

Just a note about me - I'm a middle aged fiber addict who has to work to support her habit. I spin, I knit, I crochet & I can even tat, but mostly, I knit socks.
I like socks. They're small, portable & quick to make. Even the most conservative dresser can wear wild socks under a working wardrobe for a little excitement . . . they're more comfortable than thong panties or push-up bras & if you really must, you can knit them out of silk. Just a little luxury that anyone can afford!!

Sharon, knitting in Surrey

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Virginia said...

Oh, Sharon, I love this! You have me intrigued with socks. Post pics so we can order. Do you have any with hearts or rhinestones - lol. Best, Virginia